The Mobile Exhibit

Understanding Our Indian Neighbor display

Mobile Exhibit Description

                  Part 1 -  "Understanding Our Indian Neighbor".

"Understading Our Indian Neighbor" consists of ten cases of 56 paintings & four title paintings that tell the history of the American Indian from early times to the present day.  Present day is 1961 when the paintings were completed.  The paintings were painted from 1955 to 1961 by Levi Black Bear (also known as Levi Mato Sapa).  Levi was a full-blood Sioux Indian who was born in 1899.  The 56 paintings are accompanied by scripts that describe each painting in detail.  The scripts were collaboratively dictated by three full-blood Indians who were familiar with Indian customs and culture.  These three were Harold Shunk (Sioux - South Dakota), Barney Old Coyote, Jr. (Crow - Montana), and Robert Bennett (Oneida - Wisconsin).  The entire project was developed and commissioned by Reverend Earl L. Bailey who spent twenty-five years in Indian Mission work in Alliance, Nebraska, Wounded Knee, South Dakota, and Scottsbluff, Nebraska.

                              Part 2 - "Drastic Change"

"Drastic Change" is a six foot by twenty-four foot mural.  It was also painted by Levi Black Bear, and was painted over a three year period from 1964 to 1966.  This painting is in six 4'X6' sections, which when put together with a frame measures seven feet by twenty-five feet.  It requires a 26 foot wall for display.  "Drastic Change" was also developed and commissioned by Reverend Earl L. Bailey.

To Schedule Mobile Exhibit

Exhibit may be scheduled in the central Florida area from February thru the middle of April.

Exhibit may be scheduled in the Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Tennessee areas from the middle of April thru the end of June.

From July thru November, we will be traveling & establishing a schedule between Florida and Western Montana & Idaho.  The schedule will concentrate on the South Dakota, Western Nebraska, Montana, Wyoming, & Colorado areas.  From mid-October thru November we will be scheduling the southern US as we return to Florida.

Scheduled Dates

Oregon Trail Days                                               July 7 - July 14

Legacy of the Plains Museum                                   Open to Public

2930 Old Oregon Trail                                 Monday - Saturday  9:00A.M. - 5:00P.M.

Gering, Nebraska 69341                                   Sunday  1:00 P.M. - 5:00 P.M.

Display Requirements

This is an educational exhibit.  As long as this exhibit is displayed for educational purposes, there is no charge.  However, we will have the book, "Understanding Our Indian Neighbor" for sale and on display.

The minimum requirements for display is an indoor room that is at least 20 feet by 24 feet.  To display both "Understanding Our Indian Neighbor" and "Drastic Change" requires a room that is at least 24 feet by 26 feet. 


What is the cost?

This is an educational exhibit and there is no charge.  Donations to cover expenses would be accepted, but are not required or expected.

Is it possible to have a lecture or Q & A session?

We would be available to speak to a group and/or answer questions.

How do we schedule the exhibit?

Go to the contact page and send us an email or call Herbert Bailey at (772)559-7737.